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Fleet & Crew

Our top-notch crew members have garnered the highest awards in aeronautics in the nation, year after year.  Your safety is ensured every time you lift off with the experience and knowledge found in our cockpits.

At The Barrie Flying Club, our fleet is tested and upgraded constantly to ensure top safety precautions for your flight.

We are proud to boast one of the youngest fleets in the world, with no aircraft flying more than 100 hours a week.

Our Crewe

In an ever-changing market, finding the right trade and a fitting training program might seem like an impossible task. Enter The Barrie Flying School, which was founded by some of the industry’s finest professionals. At The Barrie Flying School, we’re committed to providing the highest quality education focused on leadership, innovation, and advanced skills. Our program is flexible and our teachers are the best in their field. So if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, learn a new trade and make new friends - get in touch today.

Flight Instructor

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and learn something new? Welcome to The Barrie Flying Club, one of the leading schools of its kind. Our goal is to give our students the skills, experience, and confidence they need in order to become successful professionals. Our program is flexible and our teachers are the best in their field. Contact us to learn more!

Flight Instructor

Our current instructors, Eugene Dworecki Bill Crampton, Michael Kirk, and Eugene Dworecki hold years of instructor training and flight experience that provide students with a sophisticated learning process. The three of them have over 50,000 flight hours combined, proving to be some of the finest and most skilled Ultra-Light Instructors in Canada. All are Transport Canada certified and can issue licenses to help students attain their goals in aviation.


Pilots in Aircraft
Welcome to the Fleet 

July 12, 2023

Welcome to our site! We invite you to explore and learn more about our Flying Club, upcoming events, and activities. We are always planning something new and exciting, and hope you’ll join us!

Join Our Flying Club

The Barrie Flying Club started out in YEAR FOUNDED with just a few people coming together to do what they love. Little did they know that it would grow into the thriving Flying Club it is today. Our dedicated members enjoy meeting often for different events and activities. Passion and enthusiasm go hand-in-hand with everything we do. Our door is always open to new members, no matter their experience level. We are proud to bring together people from all over CITY and beyond. Come join us at our next event — we’d love to share all that The Barrie Flying Club has to offer.

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