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Topaz Aicraft

   TOPAZ aircraft are manufactured from carbon fiber using vinyl-ester resins, which have far better high-temperature thermal resistance qualities compared to the more conventionally used epoxy resins. The 120 cm wide cockpit can also accommodate larger pilots comfortably – unusual in many light sport aircraft designs.

    An absolutely stunning full gloss paint finish (no gel coat). A smooth efficient exterior skin (no pop rivets), leather seats as standard, two large capacity cargo compartments behind each seat with lockable exterior access doors, heavy-duty wheels and tires, a ballistic parachute option, and much more.     

      The comprehensive instrument panel is equipped with far more than just basic instrumentation and can also be fully customized to individual specifications using any number of different panel layouts and avionics options. The TOPAZ features a very strong composite sprung landing gear with hydraulic disc brakes that are activated via the single brake lever with parking lock convenience, all attached to a center control stick. 

Pilot and passenger comfort and protection are enhanced with a reinforced cockpit area, the high wing gives superior protection to rollover compared to most low wing designs, and the TOPAZ has an aircraft parachute option for additional safety enhancement.

The wing has a shell-like composite construction with an enclosed spar. Ailerons are made of carbon laminate designed with high stiffness and a relatively low mass for anti-flutter protection. Ailerons have integral mass balance elements at their ends. Electric controlled composite flaps are fitted to the wing.

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