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Come Fly With Us

Whether it's becoming a private or professional commerical pilot or flying for your first time, The Barrie Flying Club has you covered. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and get the chance to control the aircraft on your own 

Flight Training


In any of our professional programs, students will receive instruction and learn techniques from top industry experts. Take a look below at the programs available, and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

Scenic Flights


Fly in an LSA aircraft through the sky and with an expert instructor, discover just how much fun it can be as you experience the speed and manoeuvrability of this remarkable and exhilarating craft.

Tell your instructor where you live, and he'll do his best to perform an impressive fly-by, enabling you to take a picture of your own backyard as an impressive memento for the family album.

We operate 7 days per week, we charge for flying time only, we fly factory-build aircraft. We might be one of the most economical schools in Ontario.

At Adventure Flying, our mission is to provide quality flight training for Light-Sport Aircraft. Our flight instructors have years of experience both, as pilots and as professional instructors, and we understand that students learn at a different rate and in different ways. We are dedicated to making learning to fly challenging, exciting, fun and most of all safe. This is one of the greatest achievements of a pilot's life. Join us in the adventure and keep your dream alive.

Meet the Crew

Instructor / Manager
Transport Canada Certified

I have started taking flying lessons when I was 16 years old, I have flown gliders in Poland. After arriving in Canada in the early 80s I wanted to fly again, but as often happens in real life, I had other priorities. Finally, in 2005 the opportunity came, I started flying and received my Canadian PPL in early 2006. After accumulating my first 200 hr as a PPL pilot I have received my flight instructor rating and soon after that, I  have opened The Barrie Flying School, specializing in training for Ultra Light flight permits.  By now I have flown well over 5000 hrs in several types of modern aircraft. Barrie Flying Club grew over the years, improving our fleet, and now we have two new states of art aircraft in LSA category.

About The Barrie Flying Club

The Barrie Flying Club started out in 2000 with just a few people coming together to do what they love. Little did they know that it would grow into the thriving Flying Club and School to train pilots in the Ultralight category it is today. Our dedicated members enjoy meeting often for different events and activities. Passion and enthusiasm go hand-in-hand with everything we do. 

Our door is always open to new members and students, no matter their experience level. We are proud to bring together people from all over Toronto and beyond. Come join us at our next event — we’d love to share all that The Barrie Flying Club has to offer.

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